What Is an ISDN PRI

'ISDN PRI Digital Line'

In Telecommunication sector, there is much demanded service which is known as ISDN.
ISDN stand for integrated Service digital network. It enables the feature of sending voice, data, video with faster speed and better quality. These data can be sent by using telephone lines.

There are two types of ISDN service available :-


ISDN PRI: ISDN PRI is the digital technology for the better communication with multiple features.

  • PRI stands for primary rate interface. PRI was Primarily developed for large and big corporate houses.
  • ISDN PRI is a digital line which enables digital signaling with 2 data channel. That is why the travailing of signals go faster through digital channels and the communication run faster and with high frequency.
  • PRI has got 30b channels with 64 kbps each.So there is digital signaling till the user end.
  • User gets the benefits of better call completion as all signaling through B-channel.
  • Users get benefits of increased channels for multiple call at the same time.It enable customer faster data transfer speed with cost saving.
  • It minimizes the cross-talks and cross-connections.
  • Through the ISDN PRI line, fax transmission becomes faster.
  • Pri is specially developed for for big corporate/sme customers.

ISDN BRI: It stands for basic rate interface. It is mainly used for internet connectivity. It has three channels, two are 64 kbps B-channel and rest one is 16 kbps D-channel to be terminated on a land line. It is also being used as back-up for connectivity.